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Welcome to Island Market Hub!

As a vendor on Island Market Hub, you have the unique opportunity to create your own store and sell products to a global audience without the hassle of managing your own website. Once your application to become a vendor is approved, you can start adding products to your storefront.

Before adding products, go to Settings in the Vendor Dashboard and complete your Store’s information. See below to fill out Return Policies and Shipping information for your Store immediately. Ensure RMA is completed from Settings.

Uploading Products

To ensure a consistent user experience, please upload at least three images of each product against a white or single-color consistent background. All products uploaded to your store will be subject to a review and approval process. Note that any changes made to an already approved product will require re-approval.

Fulfilling Orders

You are required to ship products within 7 days of receiving an order. If shipping via FedEx, provide the customer with a tracking number promptly. It is crucial to update the status of the orders in your dashboard to reflect the current state accurately.

Commission Structure

Island Market Hub charges a 10% commission on each sale, which is deducted from the sales price. You can track all your sales and commissions directly from your vendor dashboard.

Cash Purchases

While vendors may receive cash payments directly from customers, it is important to remember that the 10% commission still applies. This fee must be recorded in your Vendor Dashboard under Reverse Withdrawals and settled by the 1st of each month.

Advertising Your Products

Enhance your product visibility by utilizing our advertising options. To advertise, select the ‘Advertise’ option next to your product listing and pay the required fee. Advertising runs for three days; please note that cash payments are not accepted for advertising fees.

Returns and Refunds

Island Market Hub allows customers to return unopened and original condition items within 7 days of receipt. Vendors are responsible for assessing the state of returned goods and honoring valid return requests. If a product is not shipped within 7 days, customers are entitled to cancel the order and receive a full refund. Vendors may establish their own return policies; however, in the absence of such, Island Market Hub’s policy will apply.

Compensation for Vendors

Vendors may request funds to be paid into their bank accounts or via PayPal. Alternative compensation methods such as checks or cash are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please ensure your financial details are up to date. Note that funds received within the past 14 days are not eligible for withdrawal; only amounts older than 14 days can be withdrawn.

Setting Up Shipping Costs

It’s crucial for vendors to configure the shipping costs for their individual stores on Island Market Hub to ensure clarity and efficiency in order fulfillment. Here’s how you can set up your shipping options:

  1. Access Shipping Settings:

    • Navigate to your Vendor Dashboard.
    • Go to “Settings” and select the dropdown menu, then choose “Shipping.”
  2. Enable Shipping:

    • You will see an option that allows you to use the previous shipping system; click “Click Here” to proceed.
    • After selecting this option, you’ll be able to enable shipping for your store.
    • Check the box that says Enable Shipping.
  3. Configure Shipping Fees:

    • Once shipping is enabled, you can set additional shipping fees specific to your store.
  4. Set Your Shipping Locations:

    • Add your ‘Ship From’ location at the provided section at the bottom of the page.
    • Scroll through to add individual locations and their corresponding shipping prices. This will define where you can ship to and at what cost. CUSTOMERS IN LOCATIONS THAT ARE NOT ADDED TO YOUR SHIPPING LOCATIONS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REQUEST SHIPPING TO THEIR LOCATIONS. THEY WILL BE LIMITED TO LOCAL PICK UP OPTION ONLY.
  5. Define Clear Shipping Policies:

    • Clearly articulate your shipping policies within your store settings to inform customers and prevent any misunderstandings or disputes.

Setting precise shipping details is key to managing customer expectations and ensuring a smooth operation of your online store on Island Market Hub.

At Island Market Hub, we strive to provide a robust platform that supports your business growth while ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers worldwide.

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